Reflexology is a therapeutic massage of the feet.  

It is a method that was first practiced by the Chinese, Egyptians, Japanese, Indians and Russians, centuries ago.


What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a significant advance in the health field and should not be confused with regular foot massage. It is based on the premise that the feet are the microcosm of the entire body. The shape of the feet reflects the shape of the body and its tissues also reflect the overall health of the body.

We have over 10,000 nerve endings in our feet. At the beginning of the 20th century, they were all mapped to what are called reflex zones. By manipulating these reflex zones in a therapeutic way we can influence every gland, organ and tissue of the body. Skillfully stimulating these reflex zones can promote the body’s ability to heal many health problems in a natural way, and is also an effective method of preventative medicine.

pain-free Method for better health

The practitioner bases the therapy partly on the texture and consistency of the tissues, which provide a wealth of information about the current and past status of the corresponding body parts. Soft, fleshy and easy-to-manipulate feet are indicative of a healthy body. Pain, tenderness, sensitivity, swelling and energy release are all indicative of out-of-balance organs that do not function optimally. Reflexology claims that healthy feet, mirroring the body, should be pain free.

Laura Norman, Feet First; a guide to reflexology, 1988

Laura Norman, Feet First; a guide to reflexology, 1988

Our Reflexolochi™ studio creates an environment that nurtures a comfortable and relaxing experience.

Our Reflexolochi™ studio creates an environment that nurtures a comfortable and relaxing experience.


I practice a specific method of Reflexology, called Reflexolochi, which is a gentler version that offers a pain-free, energy-based relaxation experience. 

The term Reflexolochi™ was coined by my mentor, Gloria Zimet, to distinguish between the classically known "reflexology" method and the gentler, energy based style of Reflexolochi.™ 

Why Reflexolochi™?

Our everyday lifestyle demands long, extended hours of stress (think work, children, bills, traffic).  The effect of extended stress on our emotional and physical being is enormous and debilitating. When we dwell on a problem, the body continuously releases cortisol and adrenalin, and chronic elevated levels of these hormones can lead to serious issues. Too much cortisol and adrenalin can suppress the immune system, increase blood pressure and sugar levels, decrease libido, produce acne, and contribute to obesity. A high level of adrenaline (the fight or flight hormone) secreted for an extended period time, compromises the functioning of the immune and digestive systems. When these systems are compromised, our body’s ability to fight disease is compromised and the self-healing capacity is diminished.

Reflexolochi™ helps our organs to function optimally, leading to the prevention of physical and emotional illnesses. With an estimated 75% of all illnesses being stress-related, it makes sense to utilize Reflexolochi™ to help reduce stress by inducing relaxation. Reflexolochi™ also improves circulation, by releasing the stress and tension that tightens up the cardiovascular system and restricts blood flow.